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Selling a home is no walk in the park. Whether you’ve tried to sell in the past, are thinking about selling in the future, or are ready to sell now, the agent you choose can make all the difference in the world.

That's where I come in. Get access to the right strategies, tools, experience, and connections – let's get it done.


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Having a multidisciplinary approach allows me to address challenges using a fresh perspective. Beyond the expertise of managing real estate transactions, my insight utilizes strategies from the fields of business strategy, buyer behavior, marketing communication, graphic design, leadership, and business management.



Strategies & Tools


Strategies, marketing and communication is my everyday. The MLS is a great platform, but I’m always designing additional ways to communicate the value of your home. My job is to prioritize and emphasize what is desirable to potential buyers through visuals and relatable stories. Blogging, Instagram and Social Networks are my best friends.


Management & Communication


Attracting a buyer is a large part of my mission. Managing the sales process after we have a buyer is just as critical. Making sure that deadlines are met, and that my clients are guided every step of the way lessens anxieties and miscommunication. Be apprised of every step.





Working with a broad range of professionals is invaluable. Maybe you’re market-ready and we can bring in the professional photographer pronto. Or maybe you need to spruce up a few items before we go live. I can make suggestions so that your home is more marketable, as well as recommend specialists to help you get the job done.