Not your average Realtor Photos


The key is having the right photographer capture the right experience, the right features, in the right amount of time – neatly preserved or creatively staged.
(And sometimes a sense of design helps.)

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Luxury Properties
Need Bespoke Photography

Communicate the experience of your luxury home and property with bespoke photography.
{ Photography by Joel LeVan }


I chose Melissa because I wanted a Realtor I could trust, who supported me, was responsive, organized and professional. (I don’t know when Melissa sleeps, that’s how responsive she was.) When I sold my house and moved out, she knew I was struggling to remove some items from the house and came by to help me. Melissa is always willing to go above and beyond. She was excellent at communicating and keeping me informed when the sales negotiation process started and went to battle for me when it was necessary. I highly recommend Melissa if you are either selling or buying a home.
— Emily L., Fort Washington, PA